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Minecraft is an extremely fun and addictive game (some have even nicknamed it "Minecrack") where you build within a virtual 3d world using the resources available and your own ability as a hunter and gatherer "crafting" things that you can use as protection from the elements. It is both simple and complex, as your buildings must be created in such a way as to protect you from the monsters, mobs and animals that come out at night while also meeting practical in-game physics, like making sure the wall you created isn't so high that you get stuck inside without a way to climb out!

For new players looking for a bit of a helping hand understanding all this, we have created the Minecraft Guide containing Minecraft cheats and strategy tips to get the most out of starting out in this exciting computer games adventure! This is, of course, not meant as a substitute for fully exploring and learning how to play Minecraft yourself, but many players have found that the official site lacks a proper tutorial or rule book, so this is our attempt to fill that gap. Click the download button below when you are ready to begin...

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We also provide free Minecraft skins by clicking the tab in the navigation menu at the top of the page. Mods are coming soon!

Enjoy playing this awesome game and check back here for updates anytime!

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